We are London based law firm focused on excellence.

Headed by one of the most distinguished and experienced lawyers in the country, our firm has a sound base in the law fraternity, and we aim to put our resources to effective use for the success of our clients. Backed by hundreds of successful cases in different fields of law, and having being the preferred law firm for many Fortune 100 companies, you can rest assured that your case is in safe hands with us.

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Vacancy - Consultant Solicitor
G&D Solicitors are now looking for a Consultant Solicitor

The Team

Our commitment to serve each and every client of ours respectfully, discreetly, professionally and has helped us win the loyalty of comprehensive clients of all starting from individuals troubled with family lawsuits or giant corporate dealing with default lawsuits. At our firm, we aim to you but the best legal solution for your case. Our law firm consists of remarkable team of expert trial attorneys in just about every field of law you can name, and it is because of this nature of the legal services we provide, our firm has been able to stay ahead of its league for decades.

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Our Vision


We are passionate about the law and providing successful outcomes for our clients. Our promise to all our clients is to offer the very best legal advice and to consistently exceed their expectations.

The News

13. Mar

Proposed New Probate Fees

The UK Government has announced to escalate the probate fees from April 2019. Families may end up paying up to £6000 to execute the will of closed relatives. This higher fee will affect almost 300,00 families each year. However, the Government is expecting to raise £145m in its first year. Grants of probate When a …
13. Mar

NHS surcharge now doubled!

Anyone coming to the UK or residing in the UK on a visa which has a duration of more than 6 months can access NHS services in the same way as British citizens if they pay the NHS surcharge. Initially introduced in 2015, the NHS surcharge has now been doubled from £200 to £400 per …